Welcome to the Amazingfire Project! I started this blog to make it easier for everyone to browse and access all of Amazingphil and Danisnotonfire related stuff (YT videos, collaborations, talkshows, etc) in one place. Over time, more people joined this project and helped me keep this blog up and running.

For our archive we use the following format: Year Month Date (YYYY_MM_DD). You can either browse it in a chronological order or by categories. Some additional tags:
[SC] Side channel
[IN] Interactive options
[UN] Unlisted
[PR] Private/Deleted
[X] Alternate links
(mentioned) Mention only, doesn't feature Dan and Phil

Got any questions? Did we miss any videos/audio? Spot any broken links? Feel free to drop us a message! We'd love to build *explosion noises* THE ULTIMATE MASTERPOST. You can reach us via: amazingfirearchive@gmail.com

Or use the contact form on the sidebar →

Disclaimer: This blog is not affiliated with Dan and Phil in any way. We do not host any of the videos on this blog; all videos are linked back to the original sources.

Special thanks to Danspersonaltrainer and ThePhanDirectory who started the original lost videos archive, to updatedphan for their updates, and IDB for quality timestamps!

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